Box Seat Banter

Ya love to hear it

I am Billy Ballas, a baseball and sports fanatic. I have always been playing and watching sports. I grew up in Los Angeles, and was lucky enough to get to watch and listen to games with Vin Scully on the call. I learned from a young age to never interrupt Vin, a lesson I steadfastly adhered to. I learned many things from Vin, and I aspire to be like him. I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received a degree in Communications, working at a radio station along the way. After college, however, I entered the world of coaching, and have over 10 years experience as a high school baseball coach.

During the baseball season, my TV is normally tuned into whatever baseball game is on. I am a Dodger season ticket holder who enjoys following the careers of their great players, from Kershaw to Bellinger. It is also a pleasure to witness the incredibly talented players from around the league come to Dodger Stadium (so long as the Dodgers win, of course).

I have attended Opening Days, division clinching games, Game 163, NLDS games, NLCS games, and World Series games. I had my tickets to this year’s Home Run Derby and All Star Game, and hopefully I will be able to attend one of those soon. Outside of baseball, I have also been to NCAA Tournament games and Rose Bowls.

I enjoy reading and learning as much as I can about sports, from the history to the new ways players and teams are evaluated. I love gathering as much knowledge as I can, both to develop an even stronger appreciation of the game and to help develop myself further as a coach.

With my love, passion, and knowledge of sports, I assumed a podcast was the perfect avenue for me to share what I have to offer. I hope you will subscribe to the podcast and enjoy our journey together.

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