Box Seat Banter

Ya love to hear it

Hello all, and welcome to Box Seat Banter, a place for sports discussion.

With sports being shut down during the pandemic, I was looking for ideas to occupy me. I remembered a roster idea I saw on a twitter a couple years ago. The idea is to pick a team, go back 25 years (so in this case, back to 1995), and pick one player every year to form a 25 man roster (and I know, I know, rosters are expanding to 26, but for the sake of this exercise, I kept it at 25). The rules are, you get that season of the player you choose, you cannot select a player more than once, and you must form a coherent roster. This means the player must be at a position he played that year (some leniency in the OF). Rosters feature a 5 man rotation, 7 man bullpen (some feature a swing man who can start and relieve), 8 starting position players, AL teams have a DH, and a bench that features a back up catcher.

I first made a Dodger roster, but that quickly expanded to a few other teams as I challenged friends of those teams to make rosters. I had rosters for a few teams, plenty of free time with no games to watch or attend, and enjoyed doing it, so I decided it would be cool to create these rosters for all 30 teams in the Majors. As I neared the finish of this, I decided I had to share this project somewhere. That’s when I had the idea to start a podcast where each team would be an episode.

I have more ideas for future episodes and series, but Box Seat Banter will start with my Quarter Century rosters, going through all 30 MLB teams. I hope you enjoy Box Seat Banter!

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